How to play Roulette online

Roulette is a table game, and is played in a revolving wheel. This Roulette wheel is divided into several numbered sections from 0 to 36. While this game is quite rewarding, you can lose your way if you don't understand its basic rules.

How to play Roulette

Every game has a Roulette table as well. This table carries all the numbers on the wheel, and. These numbers are classified into two kinds of bets- Inside and Outside. Players lay their bets on the numbers printed on the Roulette table. Please keep reading.

Online Roulette versions

There are three versions of this game. The more popular version- European Roulette- has one slot for a single Zero. In the American version, there is an additional slot for Double Zero. There is a third version as well, and that is the French Roulette.

Kinds of Bets

You lay Inside Bets on individual numbers, two numbers or three numbers. Odds of these bets are low, but the associated bets are quite high. Outside Bets have higher odds, but lower payouts. We shall see some examples of Inside and Outside Bets in the upcoming sections.

Roulette bets and their payouts

The most profitable Roulette bet is the Straight bet where you lay a bet on any single number. It could be 1,10, 5, etc. The associated payout is 35:1, which means that for every $1 that you bet, your payout would be $35. There is a Split bet also.

In a Split bet, you lay bets on the line separating 2 numbers, e.g., 2/3, 5/6. In this case, the odds are 17:1. Street bets involve laying bets on 3 numbers, while in a Basket Bet, punter stake money on 5 numbers (00,0,1,2,and 3).

Corner, Double Street and Snake Bets

Also called Square Bet, here you place bets on the corners where 4 numbers meet.. In Double Street, you lay bets on two adjoining rows; this means you are betting on 6 numbers. The Snake Bet covers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34

What is Trio Bet?

This bet comprises 0in European Roulette, and the two numbers which adjoin it. In American Roulette, the Trio Bet has 00 (Double Zero). All these bets that we have enumerated are Inside bets. Now let's understand Outside bets. Please keep reading this gambling guide.

Understanding Outside bets.

These bets are laid on numbers or their groupings located on the outer side of the betting table. Column bets are laid on any of the columns containing 12 numbers. The payout is 2:1. A low bet means you are staking money on numbers between 1-18.

High bets, Colour bets, Even/Odd bets

When you stake money on numbers between 19-36, that is a high bet. In a colour bet, you stake money on red or black numbers. Colour and High/Low bets are even money bets. The Odd/ Even bet will pay you 1:1 when you stake money on odd or even numbers.

What is a Dozen Bet?

Here, you are wagering on one of the three dozen numbers in the wheel. These dozens are 1-12, 13-24, and 25- 36. The payouts are in the ratio 2:1. This means if you wager money on any number in the first dozen, your payout would be 2x your stake value.

What is better-Inside or Outside?

While Inside bets are definitely more profitable, new gamblers should stay away from them. These bets have very low odds, and newbies can burn their hard-earned money if they aren't careful enough. We would recommend Outside bets to all the newbies here. Move to the next section.

Other things to consider

Please stake money within your limits. If you think you are getting addicted to online Roulette, please walk away from your game immediately. It's pointless chasing wins and losing money continuously. Avoid playing on suspicious gambling websites. Never stake money while using public W-Fi.